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LED Solar Street LightsLED Solar Street Lights
LED Street LightsLED Street Lights
LED Garden LightsLED Garden Lights
LED Projector LightsLED Projector Lights
LED Flood LightsLED Flood Lights
LED Tunnel LightsLED Tunnel Lights
LED Wall WashersLED Wall Washers
LED Underground LightsLED Underground Lights
LED Underwater LightsLED Underwater Lights
LED Bollard LightsLED Bollard Lights
LED Industrial LightsLED Industrial Lights
LED Light BulbsLED Light Bulbs
LED Panel LightsLED Panel Lights
LED SpotlightsLED Spotlights
LED DownlightsLED Downlights
LED Light TubesLED Light Tubes
LED Gas Station LightsLED Gas Station Lights


Home LightingHome Lighting
Hotel LightingHotel Lighting
Industrial LightingIndustrial Lighting
Roadway LightingRoadway Lighting
Tunnel LightingTunnel Lighting
Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting
Solar LightingSolar Lighting
Courtyard LightingCourtyard Lighting
Parking Lot LightingParking Lot Lighting
Filling Station LightingFilling Station Lighting


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Who We Are? CommSun Lighting is the premier LED Lighting solutions provider in china for LED Street Light, LED Industrial Light, LED Flood Light, LED Projector Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Garden Light, LED Traffic Light, LED Wall Washer Light, LED Bulbs, LED Spotlight, LED Tube Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Strip Light, LED Underground Light, LED Underwater Light, Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Light and Solar Traffic Light, the LED Lighting will most certainly become a universal illuminant in the future.
Why CommSun Lighting? CommSun Lighting have many advantage, High-quality LED driver, very low power consumption, low carbon lighting, excellent heat dissipation, optical design of science, low light decay rate, long life, a high degree of environmental protection, no mercury, no UV radiation. CommSun always choose high quality LED light beads for light fixtures, such as original OSRAM CREE light beads for LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED projector lights, LED inground light and other outdoor lighting. SAMSUNG, Original CREE and Philips LUMILEDS light beads for LED bulbs, LED spotlights and other indoor lighting.
At present, CommSun energy saving lighting in the international market share steadily increased especially in LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, solar street lights,LED bulb lights, LED tube lights, LED down lights, LED spotlights LED industrial lights, there are more and more places and countries to use our LED Products for outdoor lighting and indoor lighting, such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, USA, Brazil and so on, CommSun Lighting products are enjoying popularity in Europe, Americas and Asian markets.
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